Dear you,
I hope you’re doing great!
I know you’re here with a little curiosity to know who I am and hoping this ‘About’ page will help you. But before we get to talking about me, let’s talk about you.
How are you doing this fine day? Have you had a good day? If yes, I’m really glad you did. If not, I’m sorry and I hope you have a better day tomorrow.
But how are you doing in general? How is your mental health? How is your physical health? I may not know who you are and you must wonder why I care, but I do. So if not anybody else, I’m here checking on you. Checking to see if you’re doing alright and if you’re not and if you’re willing to let me help, I’m right here. I’ll be happy to help even in the smallest way possible. I’m going to leave my e-mail down below in case you make your mind to get in touch with me. Rant to me, tell me about your day, tell me about anything that makes you happy and I’ll be here to listen. I’m here to listen to both sides of how you feel, the happy and the sad, the angry and the calm, the truth and the lies. You can keep it anonymous or you can let me address you by name. I’m good with anything that works for you.
And now if you want to hear about me, I go by the name Swapna. If I had to describe myself I’d say I’m just about like anybody else, growing and learning with everything that swings my way and hoping that writing will be a way for me to be able to put into words just as how it plays out in my head. I’d say my biggest strength is the compassionate side to me, the side that feels too much about everything. Until recently I couldn’t figure out if feeling too much was a good thing, but now I agree otherwise. Sometimes it could be my downfall but atleast I’m honest with the way I feel. If I had to point out a weakness, I think this would be one thing that I’d have in common with a lot of you reading this, its the thoughts that consume me, that intoxicates me, that shakes my belief in myself and everything around me. You see, overthinking comes naturally to me. If you could hear all the angst my mind causes on a daily basis, you’d think I’m insane. These thoughts get a little toxic from time to time as they hinder a lot of things I want to do. Hence the name, thoughts intoxicated. These two well fitting words define a side to me that I myself cannot describe better.
I know this was supposed to be short, so thank you for being patient enough to read it.
Hoping that I can be creative in my work and that you enjoy reading it.
Looking forward to hear from you at this e-mail – thoughtsintoxicated.wordpress@gmail.com
– Much love


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